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VQ Models Voodoo

VQ Models Voodoo

VQ Models has released a great looking Voodoo modified P-51  based on the full-size Reno racer and constructed of balsa and ply.  Our reviewer Jason Benson was among the first to try out this great model. You can see what he has to say  about the plane in his full review in the May issue of Model Airplane News and for now, enjoy the flight video below.

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 Voodoo P-51  Voodoo P-51  Voodoo P-51  Voodoo P-51  Voodoo P-51  Voodoo P-51

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 10:01 AM
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  1. I read the review in the print publication and now got to see your online video presentation. I bought one when they were on sale at the Hobby People stores (my local one in Orange County) for $99.95 back in January, I think it was. In reference to the print review, glad to see that Global Dist. hand picked a better “fitted” model for you than the ones I inspected at the local stores. Example, all I looked at had such poorly fitted Canopy’s that you could slide a Quarter between the canopy and fuse. The Air Scoop fits poorly and the wheel wells (and wheels) are absurdly too small for the planes size and scale. I find these complaints are VERY COMMON with every VQ model I’ve ever bought (5 different planes) – very poor fit and finish on the details.

    Also glad to see your video displays the poor landing characteristics of this model – it’s a floater and come in too fast – it disparately needed flaps. I modded mine and gave it “Flaperons”, which helps.

    Also my past experience for VQ models is that the pretty film covering will split in no time after you’ve been out to the flight area a lot to fly them. I’ve heard and seen (on various online RC forums) other owners complain about this too.

    Summary- VQ makes interesting birds, pretty designs and most fly very well, but details on the planes are sloppy and amateur for $100+ models, and Global Dist really needs to rain in these problems with the VQ designers and production people. Until then, I look at the VQ models I buy as “1 year expendables”, not expecting to get much more usable life out of any of them than that. The old BH Models planes were far more durable and better made, though hardly “scale”.

  2. Keith I invite you out to the field any time we are there. I have Three VQ Mustangs. You have no idea what your talking about. Sorry. The bang for the buck is there!!! The plane can handle a electric power plant with a big battery 6 cells 12-12 prop and lots of speed stand back this baby is going to impress even the nitro guys to the point they will be asking you where and what the set up is!! Step out of the box Keith. I assure to change your mind. What are you comparing it too? There are no other reno racers out there.. best $145.00 I ever spent.. I have four friends with the same and all love it. No bad habits. Fit and finish perfect! Pay no attention to Keith and Call Hobby People asap before they sell out.!!!! We all are enjoying this real cool plane at our field. Maybe he should be flying foam or something.

  3. Hello! My son has asked for a “Voodoo” plane or “Rare Bear” plane from Santa this year… any ideas where I can find something??

    Thank you!

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