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Warbirds over Delaware WW1 Gaggle Flight

Warbirds over Delaware WW1 Gaggle Flight

Another amazing part of the whole WOD thing, is their extremely popular WW1 Gaggle Flight where as many WW1 airplanes takeoff in mass to get as many vintage warbirds into the air at the same time. Today in the Friday Gaggle, the number of dogfighting aviators was 33. An impressive number that would have been impossible in the days of 72mHz radio systems. The new frequency hopping spread spectrum 2.4GHz radio systems make these mass flights possible. No mid-air mishaps this time and you could not throw a stick without hitting a plane during the Gaggle. Oh yea, and the sound–amazing!


Updated: August 7, 2012 — 5:07 PM


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  1. I am new to R/C model airplanes. But I am finding out that I prefer to “Scratch-build” and “hand-draw” my own plans. I am in the “Arcs” flying club here in San Antonio Texas.I receive lots of information when I am linked with your web site. I read a lot of your postings and have a card index with lots of notes from your article. My only regret is that after retirement at 62 years of age I wish I had started doing R/C planes when I was younger. At 74 years of age, I am very active in my daily life and stay busy daily I find that I am limited to some of the required activities that are present at our flying field. I built 7 H/Duty tables for the field so we can work on our planes without having to be on our knees I was wondering if you have a “HOW-TO-BUILD ” or a
    “BOOK-OF-TECHNIQUES” that help builders with short cuts and old tricks in building?

    1. Hi Thomas, , our long time contributor Jim Newman wrote, and illustrated, his “Hints & Kinks” column which over the years has covered building, covering, finishing, engines, controls, tools, landing gear, flight boxes and many other items. We collected many of his best “Hints & Kinks” and have then available in a single 70-page book, 400 Great R/C Modeling Tips (SKU: 2009) which is available at the website for only $12.95.

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