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Warbirds over Delaware — WW1 Gaggle Mass RC Flight… includes in-flight pix of Mid-Air!

Warbirds over Delaware — WW1 Gaggle Mass RC Flight… includes in-flight pix of Mid-Air!

One of the my favorite parts of the Warbird event down in Delaware, is the mass flight of WW1 airplanes in the Gaggle event! This year there were about 17 biplanes and vintage airplanes in the mass flight. To get a better “eye” on this fun and exciting event, I mounted my GoPro Hero video camera on my good friend Michael Gross’ Neiuport 28 so he could capture a “gun sight” point of view! To say it was a “Target Rich Enviroment” would be an understatement. Check out the “Gun Camera” Footage!


These ground shots were easy as there was always a couple of planes in the frame! But check out the in-flight screen grabs below! We actually captured the mid-air between a Fokker D-8 and a Sopwith.

It all happened in the turn on the left side of the runway.

Wait for it!

Almost there!

CONTACT! Two planes trying to take up the same bit of space!

The Red Fokker Survives!

But not the Sopwith!

Well at least we got the camera plane back safe and sound!

Many thanks for Michael Gross for flying on this extremely “dangerous” mission at the 2011 WOD event!

 Check out the video here:


Updated: July 20, 2011 — 2:10 PM


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  1. Man I think 5 planes up together is getting a bit crowded! 17!!! Had to be like flying in a swarm.

  2. I’m editing the video now Ken! Stay tuned!

  3. Ouch! All that airspace and still people can’t miss each other! If they were trying to hit each other though, it’d probably never happen.

  4. That was tons of fun Gerry! Thanks for choosing my plane for the camera. I can’t believe we got the mid-air!

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