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December 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: This scale special issue is packedwith realistic planes and accessories. Clockwise fromtop: Warbird Pilots jet aircraft figures;...

November 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: With tons of scale detail, this 63-inch-span warbird comes with a powerful motor and radio system installed....

October 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: The Freewing ModelAvanti S from Motion RC is an idealfirst electric jet. Get the insidescoop on this...

September 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: Brian O’Meara’sF-104, Mike Grady’s B-17, and ToddBixby’s Airco DH-1a compete atthe Top Gun Scale Invitational inLakeland, Florida....

August 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: Our annual Gear Guide inthis issue is packed with terrific planesand products to get your summer-flyingseason off...

July 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: Ali Machinchy’s EliteAerosports Shockwave in knife-edge flightduring Florida Jets. (Photo by David Vaught)

June 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: Modeled after one of themost powerful full-size aerobats on theairshow circuit, the Hangar 9 120cc Model12 Viking...

May 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: The E-flite ConvergenceVTOL is a unique flier that can take off likea multirotor and transition to forward...

March 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: A mini version of the lethalground-attack aircraft, E-flite’s UMX A-10 is animpressive flier. (Photo by Peter Hall)

January 2017 Issue

ON THE COVER: Getting started in drone flying is easier than you might think!Whether you’re interested in drone racing or...

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