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My name is Paul Tradelius and for the past several years I have written the RotorSpeed helicopter column for Model Airplane News magazine. My boss and executive editor, Debra Cleghorn, recently asked me to start this blog so we can be more interactive with those of you flying radio controlled helicopters. In the future I would like to write about some of the projects I’m working on, or helicopters I’m flying, or some of the techniques that I’m using. However, to make this work it has to be a two-way street of information. I would like to know what helicopters you are flying, and techniques you are using, and other helicopter related subjects that are of interest to you. Experience is a great teacher, and sharing those experiences with others will keep new fliers from making the same mistakes we have all made in the past. And another thing I like about this hobby is no matter how long I have been flying there is always more to learn. There are always new helicopters and related products to make our flying more enjoyable and this seems like a perfect way to share that enjoyment. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:39 PM


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  2. Looking forward to reading all the heli posts and your responses.

    I have an engine question and want to know if I should ask it here. How do I start a separate string on this site, or don’t I?

    1. Yes – this would be a good place to ask about anything that has to do with helicopters. I hope I can be of help, and I’m sure others will jump in as needed.

  3. I recently bought a Miniature Aircraft Fury 55. I’m fairly new in the heli scene after a nearly 30 hiatus. First I guess I should ask how familiar you are with OS engines in particular. I have an OS 46 FX-H heli engine with a 40-C “automatic” carburetor. Realizing that the Fury 55 was designed mainly for the hot .55 size engines, but was wondering if the .46 I have would be sufficient for hovering, and flying basic circuits in this heli. I know the .46 had gotten a lot of negative response in the past – think mainly because of its carb. Do you know much about the 40-C I mentioned above? If it will work for my current needs, it sure will save me $ that I can put towards a good radio.

    P.S. Still enjoy looking through your 2nd edition of Basics of Flying Radio Helicopters book.
    Thanks in advance for your input.

    1. Thanks for your question Rich. Although I’m not familiar with the automatic carb, I have used that particular engine with great success. I’m sure it will provide more than sufficient power for whatever type of flying you would like to do. However, at least to start until you are more familiar with the performance characteristics of the engine, I would suggest you use 600mm blades of a normal, or not wide, chord. This will provide a little less surface area, and therefore require a little less power. Once you feel comfortable with the performance of the engine, then you can try other blades to improve the performance of the Fury. I’m flying my Fury 55 with a TT Redline 53H engine and Total-G flybarless control system with a RJX flybarless head with great results. I am guessing you are using the flybar version. Let me know how you like it, and how the engine performs.

      P.S. Thanks for the nice words about my book.

  4. Hi Paul,

    My friend recently loaned me a copy of your book “Basics of RC Helis”. I’m trying to locate where I can find a copy to purchase. Any chance you could help?

    Awesome book by the way. I’m just getting into the sport and its been a great help!



    1. You can buy this at http://www.AirAgeStore.com!

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