What a club!!!

What a club!!!

Traveling to a lot of events we get to see a lot of different RC venues. There’s many beautiful and well equipped RC clubs and fields around the country. Things like the National Flying Site at AMA Headquarters, the plush carpet runways and facilities at Triple Tree that hosts Joe Nall, GA Jets long paved runway and amenities all set the bar for awesome here in the US. Martin Pickering takes us on a tour of a club facility that blows the roof off the bar!

Paved runway, grass runway, car tracks, giant pavilion, even on-site model storage!!

Enjoy the tour and try not to be jealous like we are!


Updated: April 30, 2023 — 4:07 PM


  1. Membership fee must be horrendously expensive.

    1. Nop.
      Incorporation fee es about 800 USD and monthly fee is 65 USD.

  2. Ejete on Chile is this RC Club? Gorgeous!!!

  3. Where in Chile is this RC Club? Gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow. I had a dream as a younger man to open such a facility until the price of land became untenable. I wonder how much their dues are?

    1. The equivalent of 65 USD monthly fee.

  5. where is it?

    1. About 50 km to the north of Santiago. 35 minute drive from my home

  6. That is simply amazing. Every single ‘little boy’ dream is covered in one place. Literally, everything I played with as a boy and man can be played with there. Can your locker hold a high-performance go-kart in it along with a plane or ten and a handful of r/c cars, trucks, and helis? Who cares what the dues are. As they say … if you have to ask, you are in the wrong place. North America, what are we waiting for??

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