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What are You Flying this Weekend?

What are You Flying this Weekend?

Man it’s July and it hot outside! There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than to head to the flying field and put in some RC flights with your favorite airplane. Go ahead and call up a flying buddy and meet him there. Bring some chairs and a cooler full or cold drinks! See who’s got the newest toys or see who’s the hottest pilot. It’s all good fun!

So, what are you going to fly this weekend?

Are you a Jet Setter? is it a turbine powered monster, or a smaller EDF?

What about a scale or sport scale flyer? Does it have flaps?

Why not take that warbird out and shake the dust off! Make sure you top off those retract tanks!

Maybe you’re a Heli sort of guy! What helicopter do you take to the field? Got more than one? What are they?

The important thing here is to go fly something. Be involved in the hobby and burn some gas, nitro fuel, or deplete some battery packs! The name of the game is “Airtime!”

So please let us know, what you’re flying this weekend!

Me? Oh I will be flying my 77 inch Ziroli Stearman and maybe my Speedy Stryker F-27Q …

Updated: July 23, 2011 — July 23, 2011

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