What are you planning for your weekend? — A little yard work??

What are you planning for your weekend? — A little yard work??

Working all week, leaves your lawn to grow until the weekend, when we all would rather be doing something else. Wouldn’t it be nice to combine work with play? If you like RC airplanes but need to cut some really tall grass, this just might be the solution! It is definitely an oldie, but continues to be a real goodie in our book! Have you ever built and flown the flying lawnmower? Leave a comment and let us know!




Updated: March 2, 2017 — 10:47 AM


  1. ahahahahaha !!! Need to put on the to do list !!!! Thanks for the video ! Top music top flight !

    1. Any link to find a drawing of that ?

  2. Wow! … I found a kit hiding in my my garage of the red Toro lawnmower… I think I will put it on my “to do” list and build it over the winter.

  3. Hey! That is my picture at the top there.
    I built both of those Cloud Clippers back around 2001.
    The picture was taken at Milpas Dry lake near Apple Valley California.
    The John Deere was built for Karl Downing and was later sold to Dale Cochlin of JAG Engines and was still in his trailer when he passed about 8 months ago.
    I kept the Toro and flew it at many airshows around Southern Cal. The original picture is a lot better than that distortion shown above.

  4. Dan,

    Plans built?

    1. You can check the kits out at http://www.flyingthinz.com.

  5. I wish I had one of these to actually mow the lawn with! It probably would finish in no time!

  6. I built my toro from a kit many years ago had a 60 motor on it flew it a lot and at demos a real hit to see it roll and loop. my thing was have a friend push it onto flying field then excellerate he acts like it got away from him. flew great lands like a feather – will need some down thrust in mounting motor for best results– a real crowd pleaser

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