1. What ever happened to “See and Avoid” (there is or was an Advisory Circular published on it at one time when I was a Certified Flight Instructor). This was a stressed midair avoidance strategy promoted by the FAA.
    My point being that I can not fly my model airplane if I can not see it. As long as I can see it I’m not going to either run into or be run into by another aerial vehicle. So as long as I’m not flying in controlled airspace, what is the point of Remote ID or FRIAs?
    It’s just a case of government overreach and unfortunately a waste of precious taxpayer taxes.

  2. It’s all BS. Totally unenforceable. The FAA has better things to do than harass, model, airplane flyers.

  3. I am and will remains strong advocate of spotters, especially in high traffic areas. Secondly club fields without flight pattern established rules and respected by flyers.

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