Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!

Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!

What are the last two things you glued together? Enter our Facebook contest and your innovative answer could win you this $50 Gorilla Glue prize package. Contest ends June 19, and winners will be chosen by the Model Airplane News editors. Good luck! [Please free to reply here, but remember that only responses on our Facebook page will be entered in the contest!]


Updated: June 12, 2012 — June 12, 2012


  1. The last two things I glued together, were my thumb and index finger!

  2. My jeans….believe it or not, Gorilla glue bonded the legs of my jeans together, and they’re pretty much unusable now even after a bunch of sanding and acetone. But it’s still my favorite glue!

  3. tail fins to fuselage

  4. Wing ribs on a Scratch built buzz buggy pylon racer. Was using that “other” wood glue so I could really use some Gorilla Glue!

  5. Great responses!! Please go to Facebook so you can enter the contest! Winners will be chosen from answers posted there.

  6. My neighbor’s two Yorkshire terriers. Irritating little beasts.

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