Winterize with WD-40

Winterize with WD-40

Now that the weather is turning colder many of you will be putting up your helicopters for the winter.  Although this is a time for general maintenance and cleaning I also recommend you spray down your complete helicopter with WD-40. The WD stands for water displacement and the 40 is the number of compounds they tried until finding success. I have been using WD-40 for years and have never found it to harm any part of my helicopter. This is especially important to use on all metal parts because it provides a coding against rust. I also spray each individual bearing allowing the WD-40 to seep inside to protect the bearing during the winter so it will be ready to use when the weather gets better.

Another one of my favorite products is petroleum jelly. This is a great lubricant for anything plastic, such as main gears. There are some people who think this will attract dirt and dust, but I have never found that to be the case. I just smear a little on the plastic, rotating apart by hand several times to get an even coating and just let it set. Again, it protects from moisture and provides an overall protective coating. I hope you like both these techniques.

Updated: December 11, 2012 — 9:24 AM


  1. I used to swear by wd-40 until my father introduced my to Tri Flow, it’s a Teflon based dry lube and works great. They also have really good cleaning products, along with soy based products for the ultimate in “green” goers.

  2. Silicone spray is also great for plastics,

  3. Thansk , it’s really cold in the winter.
    But i still like flying my RC.

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