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Ground-Pounding Warthog

Ground-Pounding Warthog

There no doubt about it, the ground pounding, tank killing A-10 Warthog is an amazing warbird. When it comes to giant scale RC jets, the A-10 delivers the same kind of excitement. This video from RCScaleAirplanes, highlights that amazing MiBo Warthog flown by Kurt Tötsch as he performed a fantastic flight demo at the Barone Rosso Airshow.

The all composite MiBo A-10 Thunderbolt II /Warthog is 1/5.8-scale, has a wingspan of 118 inches and weighs in at 54.9 pounds.

It is loaded with interior and exterior details and is powered by two FT 180 turbine engines. Kurt’s A-10 includes optional gun and Flares features.


Updated: April 15, 2021 — 10:20 AM

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  1. A mighty machine and well flown..

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