Scale RC – Wonderful WACO YMF-5

Scale RC – Wonderful WACO YMF-5

This gorgeous 1/3-scale WACO is the handiwork of Pedro Sanchez, who bought the bare bones airframe from a friend and then spent his time doing what he really loves: finishing it and adding scale details. Every rivet and screw on the plane has been done by hand, and the plane has landing lights, scale flying wires, a scale static prop, and much more. A Moki 250 provides the power. Photos by Jerry Smith

Scale RC - WACO YMF-5


Scale RC - WACO YMF-5


Updated: April 10, 2015 — 12:12 PM


  1. truly a work of art—-well done pedro-very well done indeed

  2. What is the plane covered with ? painted with automotive products?

  3. Congrats again on the fine work, you sure make it tough on the rest of us, R.B.

  4. If real airplanes have two wings and a round nose….this is the most real plane ever.

  5. May we see some more photos? I’d like to see the landing lights and the scale flying wires the author mentioned. Wonderful work!

    1. The full article with more photos will be in the July issue of Model Airplane News; stay tuned!

  6. Beautiful, but we need to see more great pictures of this model and hopefully a video showing it flying.

  7. We would love to see many more pictures!

  8. Absolutely beautiful Pedro.

  9. Dear Debra,
    The Waco’s blue colour scheme is outstanding. I am currently building a 40% AMR Waco and would like to duplicate this scheme. To this end do you have any further pictures especially of the wings both top and bottom that can be emailed to me?

    Kind regards
    Kevin Lee

  10. How about a video? would love to “hear” it pur. YouTube link?

  11. Fantastic job Pedro J.D.

  12. It’s another beauty Pedro

  13. All your hard work has paid off Pedro, a beautiful example of a WACO

  14. This was just a little teaser article apparently, but a wonderful build from what little is shown! R

  15. GORGEOUS!!! Labor of love…I agree, more pictures please, WOW! Great job.

  16. If it flies as well as it looks you’ve got a real winner. Beautifully done.

  17. Beautiful. Thanks Pedro for sharing.

  18. What a great WACO I envy you Pedro your skill at work. Now a little more info on the Full Spectrum Hobby Laser thinking of buying you make it look so simple and the price is right.

  19. Only 2 pics, and no video? What’s up with that?

    1. Stay tuned for the full article in the July issue of MAN, and we’re crossing our fingers to be able to bring you a video of this plane at Top Gun!

  20. You could say “If God wanted a model airplane this is how it would be” Fantastic!!! ~~~ David Bruner

  21. Pedro,

    Your a Rock Star!!!!!

    Nice work Buddy!!!!!

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