Working Locally with Drones — Developing good PR

Working Locally with Drones — Developing good PR

Recently, I was asked to use my camera equipped quad copter to help my town document construction being done at our local high school. I live in New Milford, CT and being a fairly small town (population wise) so, when someone saw a facebook page asking for camera drone help, a friend of my wife, who is the Safety Supervisor for All-Star Transportation, (then run the New Milford School bus depot), she told me and I went down to the Public Works department. There I met Town Engineer Daniel Stanton, and we arranged for me to fly the quadcopter over the heavy equipment and trucks working on the athletic field behind the high school.


To see more images go to the Town of New Milford’s facebook album at:


It was a lot of fun and all the workers were interested in this modern device everyone has been hearing about on the TV. Anyway, with proper guidance, and cooperation, the town was able to obtain photographs and video of this project, that could not be acquired any other way.


Of course I also offered my services for any future projects or photo shoots the town of New Milford might require. I think it is very important when ever anyone operating quadcopters or other multi-rotor craft, that they do so in a professional manner and keep safety and positive public relations as their prime directive and goal.

The quadcopter drone I used was the Blade Chroma quadcopter with wifi enabled camera connected to the control unit with a touch-screen, and as you can see, the photos it provides are amazing.


Updated: December 10, 2015 — 9:22 AM
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