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Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72″ Taylorcraft–Part 4

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72″ Taylorcraft–Part 4

Built as an online project plane by Mike Greenshields and the members of the Scale Squadron of Southern California, the Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft is advancing nicely. It’s starting to look like a plane!

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Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

Internal elevator pushrod. The elevator and stab are now in place. We have an arrowshaft on the inside. It did require drilling a hole in the last former.

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

Painted nose area. The T-Craft from the door forward was not fabric, it was metal. And, since we’ve covered the plane with Solartex and intend to paint it anyway, we applied glass cloth (3/4oz) and finishing resin to the nose. Sanded, and primered. This will give the surface feel we want. Just like the real thing!

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

Internal Aileron Linkage. We intend to install the servo entirely inside the wing as well as the pushrod. So, first we modified the mount to change the servo position as well as to make it mount flush on the bottom of the wing. This was a minor modification requiring only an extra strip of wood and cap strip material (it was already included). More on this once we get the servo installed.

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

Aileron Shape: The stock aileron shape does not really capture the shape of the full-size. Again, if you’re just flying the plane for fun, the stock wingtip and aileron shape work absolutely fine. But this is a kit and we’re free to do what we want as the builder. So we added some internal material to extend the hinge-line. Cut the wing tip, and changed the aileron and tip slightly. This gives the scale shape with little change to the kit. We did make one other change to the aileron. Our aileron will be hinged at the top instead of at the bottom to give a good scale appearance. And, since the linkage is internal, it will be attached to the bottom surface of the front of the aileron. To help ourselves on the installation, we did NOT install the leading edge of the aileron straight up and down. We angled back from top to bottom. So, when the aileron is hinged at the top, it can move properly.

Workshop Build-Along: Alien Aircraft 72" Taylorcraft

The Taylorcaft is now completely framed up. It’s “parts fit” is great, and is an easy build for anyone. The modificationsshown here can be added with a little patience and care. BUT, they are NOT necessary for a good flying sport plane. The stock Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft 72″ builds easy, straight and true. All the laser-cut parts fit precisely and make  for a enjoyable model frame-up.

Stay tuned for more Build-Along installments!

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  1. Just want to say that this looks like a fabulous kit and with your mods and tips here, you really make it come alive! And this build along is one of the best I’ve ever seen ! One last thing: I flew wide body jet airliners for an airline with a very patriotic sounding name for some 26 years and enjoyed it like nothing else but——–they’re not really airplanes without a prop out front. And this one truly is a very fine example. So I say to All of you and Alien; please keep ’em coming !

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