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Hangar 9 20cc P-47 Thunderbolt Buildalong

Hangar 9 20cc P-47 Thunderbolt Buildalong

Looking for something new for the upcoming flying season? MAN has just received our test plane for the new Hangar 9 20cc P-47D Thunderbolt  ARF. An all-time favorite and very popular warbird, the Thunderbolt is a famous fighter and ground pounder from WW2.

The new Hangar 9 ARF is a great looking model that takes a step forward in scale accuracy. It has an attractive and excellent finish and of course being a Hangar 9 model, it has great flight performance. Different decal sets are included.

Longtime contributor Rich Uravitch is busy putting together this classic warbird together so we can review it in an upcoming issue. Here are just a few sneak peaks of the pieces and parts Rich is working on. Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more to the Build-Along series. Power for our review plane is going to be the Evolution 20cc gas engine which should be a great choice for this 67 inch span ARF. Some the key features for the Evolution 20cc gas engine are:

a pumped-carburetor for greater reliability and smoother throttle response, increased fuel efficiency, relatively lightweight construction as the engine is based on the Evolution 1.20NX glow engine. The engine uses a standard .91 size beam mount allows for traditional mounting that easily fitted into the cowling. A 2S Li-Po battery can be used to power the ignition system without a voltage regulator and it provides long run times. The ignition module is very lightweight and provides easy starts and smooth throttle performance. The single prop nut attachment is also convenient, and a lot faster to use than typical gas engine multi-bolt prop hub arrangements. And the In-cowl muffler helps tame the engine’s back and is included with the engine.

Below is the flap servo installation. Very easy to access with the model’s servo hatch covers.

Here you see the flap pushrod attachment point at the leading edge of the flap. Very scale in appearance and function.

Here’s the aileron servo installation. Notice the nice treatment of the control horn. Clean and scale like.

Stay tuned! Lots more details to come!

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