RC Model Workshop Tips

RC Model Workshop Tips

We have the best readers, and we love your unique ways of making building and assembling RC planes easier. Here are a few of our favorites; bet you’ll use at least one on your next project! (Have a tip you’d like to share? Send it to MAN@airage.com!)



Sometimes a hard landing means you’ll need to repair your indoor flier. For models that have plastic struts and other fine attachment points, Bob Smith Industries’ Foam-Cure is an ideal repair adhesive. Squeeze out some glue on a notepad, use a toothpick to apply a very small amount to the affected parts, and tape them together for about 10 minutes. The adhesive dries clear and flexible—and it is foam-safe.



Many folks use Deans connectors with their electric planes but find them difficult to disconnect. A small reversible pair of snap-ring pliers can do the trick. Drill a small hole in each half of the Deans connector so that the pliers fit. Use caution, and do not drill all the way through the connectors—just deep enough for the points of the pliers to do their job.



Need a way to hang up model parts but don’t want to spend a lot of money? You can find a folding metal clothes rack at a local home-supply store. It cost less than $20 and is strong, compact, and perfect for drying painted plane parts.



Avoid dumping your tools all over the place by getting in the habit of attaching a small carabiner clip to the locking hole on your toolbox. This is especially helpful as the toolbox ages and the plastic latch doesn’t hold as well.



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  1. Here’s another one from the Deans/snap ring pliers guy. I was out flying and in the course of changing battery sizes found myself in a nose heavy configuration. To the rescue, should have thought of this before, office standbys those spring binder clips that come in a variety of sizes. Cut up an old credit card to use with the clips so as not to damage the surface of the horizontal stabilizer. I now always carry an assortment in my field box.

    1. Please clarify, your comment makes no sense, what is the clip for, what does the horizontal stab have to do with anything? I have no idea what you are talking about from your comment?

      1. I agree, not very clear but I’m guessing he’s using them as weights for quick adjustment of C.O.G. by clipping them to the rear stabilizer to counter the nose heavy situation using the bigger battery.

    2. Whaaaaatttt !!!!! R U clipping the card to the stabilizer dont understand. Just saying.

  2. You can use the snap ring pliers on EC3 connectors without drilling any holes.

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