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Workshop Tips — Florio Flyer 60 Build-along — Tail-Mounted Servos

Workshop Tips — Florio Flyer 60 Build-along — Tail-Mounted Servos

So, our last workshop secession finished up all the basic fuselage, wing and tail construction completed and we have the landing gear and the engine and radio equipment installed. Here’s the latest details to finish up the Florio Flyer 60. We still have to finish out the nose of the plane by adding the engine compartment fairing blocks, hinge all the control surfaces and make the control linkages and of course cover the plane. But so far all the heavy building is complete.

For the Florio Flyer 60 I am using Savox servos and these are looking like a real good value considering their performance and price tags. These are mid size servos and I am using coreless and brushless motor servos with metal gears for precise control.

Florio Flyer 60 Build-along  Florio Flyer 60 Build-along

As mentioned before we are installing the elevator and rudder servos in the tail. These areas are marked in the fuselage to form the recessed wells for the servos to set in. I also had to add some 1/8 inch sheeting to extend the tail doublers in the servo atachment areas.

Florio Flyer 60 Build-along  Florio Flyer 60 Build-along

It’s a pretty easy mod. I used 3/8 inch square hardwood servo mounting rails glued to the inside of the fuselage side doublers. This makes the wells 1/4 inch deep so the servo mount tabs are more or less flush with the outside of the fuselage.

Florio Flyer 60 Build-along  Florio Flyer 60 Build-along

Here you see the recessed treatment of the servo while still being completely exposed for easy linkage setup and adjustment. This top view shows how you have to stagger the servo up and down the vertical so they do not touch each other inside the fuselage. Once this is all installed, you can finish the top and bottom fuselage cross-grain sheeting to seal up the structure.

Florio Flyer 60 Build-along  Florio Flyer 60 Build-along

With the servos in place, you can now install the tail feathers! Here the horizontal stabilizer has been slide into place and aligned with the centerline of the fuselage.

Florio Flyer 60 Build-along Tail   Florio Flyer 60 Build-along Tail

Once you square up the vertical fin and glue it in place, you can complete the aft fuselage sheeting on the top and bottom. The servo leads require 12 inch extensions to reach the receiver. Be sure to secure the connections with some tape or heat shrink tubing.

Savox 1350 digital servo

For throttle, I used the mini Savox 1350 digital servo mounted next to the internal radio switch.

The servo roundup for the Florio Flyer 60 is:

Savox SC-1258TG Digital Super Speed Titanium Gear Servo for Rudder

Savox SH-1350 Digital Super Torque Mini  Servo for Throttle

2 Savox SC-0252MG  Digital Metal GearServo for Ailerons

Savox SB-2272MG ) Digital Brushless Metal Gear Servo for Elevator (Lightning Speed)

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 2:29 PM
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  1. Hi Gerry

    Build is looking great! – Looking forward to see some hot colors on your beast.

    Had a bad experience with a internal switch mount – Had a wire or plastic rod version going too outside. The thing switched it self off due to engine vibration going through the fuse that vibrated the rod enough it moved to the off position.

    PS: You could of bought about 4 Top of line A1 Fun/Fly planes last weekend at Kingston RC Club annual auction. Everyone needs a cheap backup model to keep you in the game.

    PSPS: I won 147$ with the 50/50 draw! NICE!!!

  2. thanks Ken. I am thinking about a Jimmy Buffett / Chrown Royal scheme! Sort a’ Tiki Bar ish!!!

  3. I have been mounting the switch in the fuse for years with zero problems. I have simply use a piece of music wire to pull/push the switch on/off (in on!) or use the Dubro switch mount.

  4. Yes, the switch push/on wire arrangement is pretty old-school. I bend the inside end 90 degrees and add a lock collar. Outside I bend the wite 90 degrees again and when it is pushed in to turn on the radio, it is almost against the fuselage. When I pull out to shut down the radio, I clip on a little “Remove Before Flight” tag.

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