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RC Workshop Tips: Secure Servos

RC Workshop Tips: Secure Servos

Model Airplane News readers are an innovative bunch, and they’re always coming up with ways to make their models better while saving time and money. Here are two workshop secrets for ensuring secure servos, every time. Share your own techniques for securing servos in the comment section!

Secure servo connections
When you install servos in a wing or fuselage and use long servo extension leads, the connector between the two can come lose during flight due to vibration! A simple safeguard is to slip a length of heat-shrink tubing over the connectors and apply heat with a hot air covering gun. This will make a secure connection that’s easy to remove with a sharp X-Acto knife later on.

Servo Tape Tips

When you use double-side foam servo tape (like 3M attachment tape), always clean the servo case with some rubbing alcohol and then apply some clear tape to the case before applying the foam tape. For a proper bond, make sure the surface you stick the servo to is also clean. If your servo case is dirty and has left-over foam tape adhesive in it, be sure to clean it before reinstalling the servo. “Crayon Away” (available at Wal-Mart) works great for removing that leftover tape residue.



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  1. please allow us to get rid of the big black bar that reports MAN Flight, Explore, Getting Started, Digital Edition, Subscribe.

  2. The other critical servo lead connection is to the ailerons. Heat shrink obviously does not work with removable wings. A simple solution is to use a plastic twist tie supplied with freezer bags etc. Twist a couple of loops around one set of wires behind the connector, loop to the second set and twist again (with apologies to Chubby Checker!)

  3. Heat shrink is too Tuff to remove in my humble opinion. I use Blue painters tape. One or two wraps around the connectors has worked well for me, easy to remove, with no need for a sharp blade.

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