Giant-Scale Hinging Video How To

Giant-Scale Hinging Video How To

Here’s some great techniques for properly installing giant scale hinges. Editor Gerry Yarrish shows the process from his workshop when he was building his 1/3-scale Balsa USA Fokker Triplane.


Photos by Tim Haggerty


  1. I have been using clear Gorilla glue and it works great

  2. When they said “Giant” I was expecting something big.

  3. Canopy glue is something I would never have thought of, and I didn’t know Robart had a drill guide! Excellent and very helpful video!

  4. Been using the canopy glue. For a while, I believe it was Pacer, there was a water based hinge glue. It was similar to the canopy glue but a little thicker. It worked very well but I haven’t seen it on the market lately. The water based glue makes cleaning around the hinge and hinge line a whole lot easier than using epoxy .

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