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Make a Removable RC Engine Mount Box — Workshop Video How To

Make a Removable RC Engine Mount Box — Workshop Video How To

MAN Sr., Tech Editor Gerry Yarrish shows his technique for making a removable engine mount box system that includes the fuel system, throttle servo and ignition battery support structure. Everything bolts into place and is easy to remove for maintenance.

This removable engine attachment technique allows unlimited access for maintenance and inspection for all your internal engine support sub-systems.

The fully detailed how to article is in the April 2018 issue of MAN



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  1. Great idea, Jerry. One of my upcoming projects is the 1:3.5 scale Fiesler Storch from Storchschmiede.de which uses a variation on your approach to allow you to swap out a Moki radial for an inline twin.

  2. Absolutely a fantastic idea!! It makes it easier to remove the engine for working on it, adjusting, etc. And everything is contained in the one box!! Fuel, battery, etc. WOW!! Thanks a million for this video. I’m converting most of my 7 airplanes starting today!!

  3. Fantastic Idea! Have a Zero project and another up-coming build that will benefit from this. Thanks!

  4. Interesting! I see the box wood was laser-cut. Is this cut wood commercially available? Where did you source the laser-cut parts? It’s a brilliant idea someone will come out with a kit of the box eventually!

  5. I agree with Gerardo. You didn’t mention the most interesting part, did you design the box or did it come with the laser cut kit? The idea should be incorporated into kits for these large planes as an option. Thanks!

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