Video Tip — E/Z Wire Bender

Video Tip — E/Z Wire Bender

When it comes to building RC airplanes, you have to learn how to bend wire. Z-bends, L-bends and other wire angles come in handy for connecting control horns and throttle linkages for model of any size. Small to medium size model airplane landing gears and wing struts also require the bending of wire.


The E/Z Bender Wire Forming Tool makes this precise bending and forming pushrods easy. You can produce perfect Z-bends and even custom landing gear. Du-bro’s new Workshop video tip demonstrates the method for getting your bends just right.


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Updated: September 19, 2018 — 10:04 AM


  1. We need more like this

  2. Looks great, but, I didn’t see the ability to bend 360 , 540 or 720 degree wire for the nose gear. Just wondering.

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