Workshop Video Tip: Rolling on Super Slim Lite Wheels

Workshop Video Tip: Rolling on Super Slim Lite Wheels

ARFs today come with foam wheels that are ideal for hard surface runways, but for operating off of grass flying fields, modelers need larger diameter wheels. The trouble is that bigger wheels are also wider, and often the model’s stock axle wires will be too short to properly secure the wheel collars.

There are two ways to fix this problem. The first is to use Du-Bro’s new Super Slim Lite Wheels, available in 2.75 inch and 3 inch diameters. The give the larger diameter to easily clear grass runways and the narrow tread width fits perfectly on shorter axles.

The second way to lengthen the model’s axles with a length of brass tubing slipped over the axle. This can be soldered in place, or even glued on using epoxy. Simply clean the wire and sand it to roughen up the surface so the epoxy will have something to grip and stick to.


Updated: July 14, 2016 — 2:43 PM


  1. Good idea, will use very soon.

  2. I have 3-inch wheels on one of my planes, and it works.

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