1. In addition, do not grind a flat spot on the axle for the other wheel collar near the landing gear leg. This area of the axle is under high stress during landings and could break if there is already a groove ground there.

    Finally, when you grind the flat spot at the end of the axle, grind the groove “ever so slightly” deeper toward the wheel. This way, when vibration occurs, the wheel collar will try to move toward the wheel rather than away from the wheel. This will keep the wheel collars up against the wheels rather than let the wheels get loose on the axle.

  2. Been doing the “notch” thing for years and never realized that I was doing something right for once. Anything is better than soldering those washers on to the axles as in the “old days”.

  3. After I file a flat spot, I really make sure the wheel will never come off by drilling a hole in the axle for a cotter pin. For years I could never drill thru music wire until a bought a carbide drill bit. I center punch the flat spot, put some oil on it and it cuts thru like buttah. And, it looks very scale on some airplanes.

  4. Replace the crummy setscrew supplied with the collars with stainless steel ones that are designed to set into the axle. No need to file flat spots or use thread lock.

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