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  1. Why aren’t you shooting your videos in HD?

    1. My daughter’s phone is not high def

  2. While setting up aileron differential using a computer radio and two servos may be the easiest and most current method, it is by no means the only way to do it. For years differential was set up with one (or two servos with a y connector) mechanically simply by adjusting the control horns and the servo arms. Even with my computer radio I still set up surfaces in this way as to use as close to 100% of servo travel in each direction.

  3. Good information. You might consider turning your aileron/rudder mixing off for takeoff and landing because in any crosswind with aileron into the wind, the rudder added by the mixing adds to the tendency of the airplane to weather vane into the wind. Of course you can override this with rudder input but why compound the problem.

  4. Nice workshop, Gerry.

    1. Thanks Daniel

  5. Nice job on the video and thanks for sharing the mixing method for a smoother flight.

  6. Would there be any occasion to use both on same plane

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