World’s Fastest Turbine Powered Model Jet

World’s Fastest Turbine Powered Model Jet


















January 26, 2010:

Caption from Guinness site: During the presentation of the 2nd International Cup for RC Jets in Santo Domingo from 29 to 31 January, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Carlos Martinez, awarded the new world record to Axel Haché (Dominican Republic) and David Shulman (USA), the pilots who were able to fly their radio controlled jet to maximum speeds of 542.64 Km/h (293 Knots or 337.18 mph).

Dave Shulman teamed up with Axel Hache in the Dominican Republich to set a Guinness Book of Records “world record for the fastest radio controlled, conventionally configured, turbine model aircraft.”  (Aircraft was flown at the Hobbyland Airfield, Dominican Republic, January 18, 2010.)




After many flights, the end results came to an average speed of 337.18 mph (up & downwind). The maximum speed achieved was 345.23 mph (downwind).



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