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World’s Largest RC Aircraft? C-17 Globemaster III

World’s Largest RC Aircraft? C-17 Globemaster III

C-17 Globemaster III, by Davie Mathews

This 1/9-scale RC C-17 Globemaster model was built in the UK. It is a special “one off” model and is possibly the largest RC model aircraft flying today. It was custom designed and built for a Discovery Channel documentary that aired in the UK and is the work a team of four specialist modelers. The design and construction of the model took place after Davie visited RAF Brize Norton to see full-size C-17 Globemasters during a short visit to England. Using AutoCad it took about 600 hours to complete. The result is a beautiful set of detailed drawings from which a kit of parts could be constructed.

The model features traditional (though very, very  large and reinforced,) wood construction with a fiberglass and resin finish. Two AMT Olympus HP Electric start turbine engines power the model. It has a fully-operational, pneumatically-driven cargo door and is equipped with a custom-built land rover vehicle mounted in a scale cradle, as per full size, that is parachute dropped during flight. Fully scale “twist and turn” electric retracts and huge pneumatically operated flaps add to its scale presence.

The Globemaster has made several successful flights with a Futaba 9C transmitter for control. It is equipped with Futaba digital servos and multiple Futaba 9-Channel PCM receivers and high-capacity NiCd packs to ensure radio system redundancy. A custom made trailer is used for transportation.


Scale:        10%                                 

 Wingspan: 17ft

Length:       17.4ft                               

Height:        5.5 ft

Weight:       200lb                                

Engines:     Four RAM 750F

Thrust:         80lb.

Courtesy of modeljetclub.co.uk

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:48 PM


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