World’s Largest RC Model?

World’s Largest RC Model?
We’re unable to verify the claim of this being the world’s largest RC model. But we can verify it’s absolutely huge at 33 feet long! There are full-size planes shorter than this: for comparison, the popular Cessna Skyhawk 172 is 27 feet long. This RC Concord has four jet turbines and certainly looks good and sounds great. Worth the watch!
Updated: July 16, 2023 — 12:57 PM


  1. Die Dutsche Leuter (German people) can really produce some wonderful stuff.

  2. that thing is really too big to be remote controlled

    1. obviously, it isnt.

  3. Be nice to listen in English

  4. Wasn’t the largest RC plane the (real) 707 used in the fuel flammability crash tests?

  5. Saw a B-29 with 4 quadre 100’s for power, wing span was over 30 feet, weight was 300 pound.

  6. That was awesome-model needs to go into a museum if it survives without mishap like the last Concord that flew.

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