World’s Most Impressive Turbine Powered RC Scale Jet

World’s Most Impressive Turbine Powered RC Scale Jet

 RusJet model Yak-130

Originally debuted at the 9th Jet World Masters championship in 2011, the RusJet model Yak-130 designed and produced by Vitaly Robertus was recognized for its level of accuracy and it set a standard in its class never before achieved. This model managed to receive a highest static score ever. Well, not to be out done for the new World Masters Jet event a new RusJet Yak-130 has been built. Here’s a sneak peek of the NEW Yak 130 model that will compete at the 2013Jet World Masters at the Meiringen Airbase in Switzerland.

Special Thanks to RusJet for this amazing footage.

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:20 AM


  1. This jet takes scale modeling to a whole new level. He has access to some very high tech equipment to create such a masterpiece. Kind of makes me ashamed of my little foamies!!.

  2. Come to Meiringen Air Base, Switzerland, to see Vitaly Robertus compete against 63 other jets from 18 national teams, including the US! Event is from August 21 to August 31, 2013, with an opening air show on Saturday, August 24. For more information in German and English check and our facebook page. Looking forward to seeing jet modelling enthusiasts from all over the world!

  3. Absolutely spectacular !

  4. Is that pilot figure alittle on the small side?

    1. think about your question, its not a small aircraft and with that exact attention to scale detail is he going to make a mistake like making the pilot too small, I dont think so.

  5. GM Tech,
    I think the small pilot is in training for Iran’s new stealth jet.

  6. Fantastic airplane and video !!

  7. That was incredible. His amount of detail was spectacular. His abilities are really special and I’m pleased this was shared with all. Wow…

  8. How much is this jet

  9. i want to buy , how do i contact them rusjet company, is there any rc shop

  10. Is it Possible to ever purchase these prebuilt.
    Stephanie Connelly

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