Wow to 3D printing technology!

Wow to 3D printing technology!

There’s no denying modeling has evolved over the years and here at MAN we often hear lamenting about nobody building any more and all the offerings are ARFs. ARFs are a great way to get a variety of models but if you wanted to get something truly unique you had to scratch or plans build.

To us this is still scratch building, just in a unique way. 3D printing is an evolution in technology and finding its way in to modeling and indeed every day life more and more. We will have some features in upcoming issues featuring more equipment reviews and how-to articles but for now enjoy this amazing model.

Updated: December 21, 2022 — 2:23 PM


  1. I’m interested in building a Cessna 401 twin I was wondering if they could 3 d print this airplane and what do I need to make this happen I’m thinking 81” wing span

  2. Can one purchase the cad file for a build for this DC6/DC7 or complete kit.

    1. Y will buy the hall plane .y have riciver and radio. How much money and batteries. Thanks john.

  3. Fabulous build and video. That is quite the project. Beautiful final product from this build.

  4. Can one purchase this plane and all the accessories as a kit or can one purchase the computer software file to create it.

  5. Wow. I do a little bit of CAD work to cut parts out on a little CNC router. I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken to program all that! Nice work!

  6. Looks great, are there any other planes that are available to 3D print?

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