RC Model WW1 RC Jamboree — And the Winners are…

RC Model WW1 RC Jamboree — And the Winners are…

If you are a WW1 fan and have been keeping track of the modeling events over the year, then you know that the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome was again alive with RC action this past weekend. Hosted by the Mid-Hudson R/C Society club, the 51st annual WW1 RC Jamboree enjoyed amazingly nice weather and mild winds all weekend long. With RC models of all descriptions, (limited to 1939 and earlier), everyone had a grand time!

Spirit4Perhaps the most coveted award at the Jamboree is the “Spirit of Rhinebeck Award” which is given for craftsmanship as well as for the overall excitement and “spirit” of the model and its builder/pilot.

This year the award was also done in the spirit of the event with an aircraft instrument/clock attached as was the case back when Cole Palen made the Jamboree awards for the models.


Here are the official winners of the amazing awards.

Award,                                   Modeler/Pilot,                  Aircraft

Spirit of Rhinebeck                Brian Perkins                     BE2-C


Best of Show                         Tom Kosewski                   Sopwith Pup


Best Civilian                           Bill Setzler                        Fleet Bipe

Best WW1                             Brian Perkins                    Bristol Scout


Best Golden Age                   Mike Krug                         Howard Pete

Best of Show Junior               Curtiss Gay                      Heinkel HE178


Mission Event                      Pilot                                  Score

Mission 1st                             Cristian Van Houten          800 (Avg 522.2)

Mission 2nd                            Kevin Siemonsen              800 (Avg 454.6)


Mission 3rd                             Curtiss Gay                       700


Stay tuned. We will update this post with more photos as we get them identified.

Photos courtesy of Tim Haggerty.


  1. Is it that time of year again? I gotta go find my silk scarf. This event certainly fits the venue. I know, I’m a master of the obvious.

  2. Thanks Gerry for the coverage of the Rhinebeck Jamboree. In regards to the original trophies – The instruments were graciously donated to the club by Cole Palen and one of the clubs craftsmen made the plaques and attached the instruments. Ron K.

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