1. wow awesome!

  2. Cool !

  3. Ahhh ha! So THAT’s what the wheels on my RC airplane are for!

  4. Sorry, but all I saw on this videa was a comercial..and just an infra red picture of something that looks like a plane. Is there a video of the plane or is this all I get

    1. The part that’s shot in infrared *is* the plane. Presumably the Air Force was using IR to see the effects of heat buildup on re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere. If you keep watching, there’s video of the plane shot in “normal” light mode. Sorry about the commercial; I embedded from YouTube and it came that way.

  5. No video. Just an ir photo of the plane.

    1. Click on the video underneath the post and it will play automatically.

  6. That was just awesome!!! Debra do you happen to know the specs of it, well maybe not the specs, but at least how big is it?

    1. It has a 14-foot, 11-inch wingspan and is 29 feet, 3 inches long. Interestingly, it uses gallium arsenide (!?) solar cells with lithium-ion batteries for power. It won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s definitely cool!

  7. I worked on this program a short time in Southern Calif. and it’s good to see some public release.

  8. Dear Deb,

    Thanks for the video and for keeping us informed about any developments, manned or not.

    It is nice to see that we are once again looking up to space, and that we did not stop with the demise of the Space Shuttle. The X-37B has been under development for a while.

    More info at …



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