You’re Flying Illegally! Maybe …

You’re Flying Illegally! Maybe …
Tim McKay is back with another informative video tutorial. Here he goes over the latest rules & regs of flying your RC plane or drone in various locations in the U.S. As usual, Tim is a wealth of RC knowledge and his clear and concise explanations help keep pilots up-to-date and out of trouble. Don’t miss this one!
Updated: May 18, 2023 — 4:08 PM


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  1. I attended a law enforcement training class just before the lockdown. As the only licensed drone pilot in the room, I was quite shocked that our local law enforcement agencies are being taught to treat a solo drone pilot flying near an event as a THREAT first, unless the pilot can clearly confirm his purpose for flying near the event.

    1. That’s the correct course of action. And as a professional and sUAS certificate holder, as you know, you’re not allowed to fly near certain large events (such as football games, concerts etc..). When I fly near anything that may be questionable, I make sure to get in touch with FAA and local law enforcement to let them know ahead of time. If you’re doing work professionally, there’s really no reason not to do that.

      If they were to do the opposite, that would leave the door open for people that are using a drone for nefarious reasons. It’s really no different than treating everyone going into the even as a threat and making them go through metal detectors and having to use clear backpacks etc.. Only after are you then treated as a patron.

  2. I was shocked to find that our law in this town both sheriff and police had no interest in drones looking through windows in our housing area!

  3. ‘Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither.’ Ben Franklin
    When are you people going to start pushing back against this nonsense? Please wake up.

  4. I have seen some unbelievable stupid stuff out of drone pilots around crowds. Keep them away from events. I got the Part107 training and certification. There is good information there to help prevent accidents etc.

  5. When the government starts taking our southern border seriously then I might start taking their “model airplane regulations” seriously.

  6. Sure. Solo drone pilots are threats virtually all the time. Look at all the people that have been killed or severely injured by drones. It must be in the millions!

    Am I exaggerating?

    Well; solo drone pilots ARE a threat. A threat to Google Air, a threat to Amazon, a threat to Walmart and Walgreens (Flytrex), a threat to FedEx, a threat to UPS (Matternet). The list goes on and on. Follow the money!

    Model Aviation is a buggy whip mom and pop shop; the first Model T has just rolled off the assembly line. Horses are STILL allowed on ALL roadways … for the time being.

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