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For years, Zurich International has been in the forefront of sunglass lens technology. The proprietary, Swiss procedure used by Zurich International actually blocks more glare from the sun than any other sunglass lens in the world. The glare reduction is better in the sun than a “polarized” lens without the annoying blotches that is produced by polarization. Our “Extreme Glare” technology does not inhibit the reading of digital instruments with blinding spots as does a “Polarized” lens.Therefore, regular airplane pilots prefer the “Extreme Glare” technology because they can read and interpret their instruments with ease without the blotches or polar spots produced by seeing through polarized lenses.


Zurich International has officially applied for a U.S.Trademark to use the name “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses (which describes what our special sunglass technology is used for). Hereafter, our sunglasses (and the Swiss technology used) will be referred to as “Extreme Glare” Sunglasses, “X. G.” technology.


Now, Zurich International announces a total new application of their proprietary technology that can now be used in the manufacture of prescription lenses. The Swiss procedure was previously “too expensive ($400 to $800) and too complicated” to do until just recently. We can now duplicate the “X.G.” process in single vision, bifocal, and trifocal lenses for normal prescriptions. This will be a huge boon for many prescription wearers who do not want to wear one pair of glasses over the top of another, and to safely view objects near, or around the sun (as well as in very bright sunlight conditions, and outdoor activities).


Another benefit would be to those that are endeared to a certain fashion style, or brand name in regular sunglasses, but would prefer the performance that the “X.G.” lens technology can offer. We can make non-prescription lenses to fit in their special style of sunglass frames that will perform exactly the way our Zurich “Extreme Glare” lenses do. This is a big benefit to many which now opens a huge door of opportunity to wear any style frame that a person might choose, but with the“X.G.” lenses installed in them.


In order to complete the manufacture of lenses with “Extreme Glare” technology, Zurich International would require your own frame style to be submitted with the correct shape, size, and color chosen by the customer. In addition, Zurich International would require a recent RX with all the optical measurements by your optical professional which is needed to complete the correct prescription for the client. The manufacturing process will take 3-4 weeks to complete. The customer will be encouraged to see their optical professional to verify the prescription, and the fit of the eyewear after the finished lenses have been returned to the customer.


All prescription lenses will be guaranteed to be manufactured exactly to the prescription and measurements as written by the customer’s optical professional, and as dictated by normal Optical standards.  Obviously, Zurich International cannot be held responsible if a prescription or measurement has been written incorrectly, has omissions, or is in error in the diagnosis, or the treatment of the eyes.



Updated: April 17, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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