Solderless Electric Flight Made Easy

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Solderless Electric Flight – Yes, it can be done

By Greg Gimlick


So you’d like to try electric flight but are put off by all that wiring and soldering, eh? Well guess what – you don’t have to solder to be an electric flyer! It all comes down to some very basic decisions on which connectors you want to use and fortunately you’re in luck; one of the best on the market can be crimped.

            Anderson Powerpoles have been around the electric community for years and have proven themselves to be not only efficient, but very adaptable to various requirements. Perhaps the best part is there is a commercial crimper on the market from West Mountain Radios that will give you a perfect crimp every time. It can also handle the most popular sizes (15, 30, and 45 amp).

            Not sure about how good a crimped connection is? Well the short answer is they are some of the best around. Full scale airplanes and race cars use crimped connections because vibration won’t affect them. It also avoids poor soldering skills from affecting the safety of the car or plane. The secret is it must be done properly and with the right tool for the connector. Until West Mountain Radios came out with their $50 crimper, you were forced to buy one that cost about $150 and only did one size. I bought one from West Mtn when the first came out and it’s the best $50 I’ve spent in years and now it’s even cheaper!


West Mountain Radios powerpole crimper


The tool will fit three difference size connectors



The tools of the trade


I’m opening up a 30 amp connector for a wire that’s a bit too big


The wire is fitted into the expanded connector


The final crimp is perfect

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  1. LH says:

    The automotive and commercial truck industries have been using this crimp style for a long time, and the crimper has been aruond for just as long. I purchased a crimper for less than $50 years ago and you can still get it. It does three sizes too!

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