Servo City and the Hitec HTS-Voice

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Thought I would pass along something from the newest Servo City flyer.  What got my attention was the Hitec’s HTS-Voice is on sale.

Designed to fit on the handle of all Hitec radios, this system audibly provides telemetry data via speakers or earphones. The HTS-Voice takes Hitec’s telemetry accessories to the next level of convenience and functionality. When your plane is equipped with telemetry sensors, the HTS-Voice will announce all telemetry information you wish to hear transmitted. This system is compatible with any Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz radio system. With the HTS-Voice you can listen to the status of your battery receiver and SPC voltage, speed, altitude, RPM, temperature, fuel, current and wattage while you are flying. Click here to view Hitec’s line of telemetry sensors.

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