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Tech Tip: How to use a round cowl to master the torque roll

Tech Tip: How to use a round cowl to master the torque roll

By Larry Cooper

A plane with a round nose has an advantage for many different maneuvers, but one it can perform well is a torque roll. A plane with a round engine cowl would do this maneuver well. These types of planes tend not to have any bad habits. If you did a torque roll with a plane like a Cap, it would tend to pull toward the wheels. With the motor centered in the round cowl, this does not happen. We all know how to do a basic torque roll, but to refine the maneuver you have to use all four controls to keep the plane in a perfect position.

■ The throttle will have to be adjusted so that the plane stays in one position; no climbing or going down.

■ You have to play with the throttle and use a just a few clicks of up and down to make the plane stay there.

■ Use the tail, elevator and rudder to keep the plane in a perfect vertical position.

■ When the plane faces into the wind, it has a tendency to stop rotating; this is when you will have to input some left aileron to maintain the plane’s rotation.

■ Basically, you have to move and master all four channels to keep the plane precisely positioned.

■ For dramatic effect, the smoke should be turned on once the plane is locked into its perfect position (if so equipped).

■ Follow these steps to really show off a round nose plane’s torque-roll abilities, and just remember to have fun.

Updated: June 2, 2011 — 3:04 PM
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