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Warbirds over Delaware –Behind the Scenes and Out-takes from the Giant Scale Fly In.

Warbirds over Delaware –Behind the Scenes and Out-takes from the Giant Scale Fly In.

Over the course of our coverage of the 2011 Warbirds over Delaware event, a lot of photos were taken that never got into our article or on the website! Here’s a few that ended up on the cutting-room floor!

The opening photo is of my daughter Rebecca Yarrish who worked hard all weekend and took all of the videos of me and several flight vids that are in our video player.

Discussing the “Mentoring” video with Whitney Philbrink befor filming.

I’m to the left and Rebecca is on the video camera and tripod. This is the “wing folding” clip of the Dave Malchione interview about his Composite-ARF Corsair.

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Setting up the Corsair interview.

On Saturday, a MAN reader came up and asked me about Walbro Carburetors. He had a problem with his G-26 and so I gave him a spare I had in my toolbox. Gee. I hope he remembers to send it back to me!

Me and Nick Ziroli setup his interview for a House of Balsa Electric Commander review

That’s me with the dark blue MAN shirt (far Left) shooting the high speed pass as Paul LeTourneau pilots his B-26.

Mac Hodges’ B-29 rockets off on another flight!

The Bell X-1 lights the fire and zooms into the wild blue. I missed the shot by Rebecca got it with her video camera!

This was take one of my interview with Paul LeTouneau and his B-29. This little guy just walked into the shot! Oh Well…

Afterwards Paul and Igot caught up in a laughing jag and had to get it all out! Take 2 went much better…

So really, there’s lots more I could have shown but these are the clearest and most in focus! Just a small glimpse of the setups and out-takes that are all part of covering a major RC event. I couldn’t hope to do it all by myself! Thanks Rebecca. You’re the best kid!

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