ICARE-ICARUS L23 Super Blanik (3.0m)

ICARE-ICARUS L23 Super Blanik (3.0m)

ICARE is pleased to introduce this nice scale glider for the discerning modeller.

We are pleased to offer a scale model of this popular sailplane. With a span of 3.0 meters, it is large enough to aerotow, while remaining agile enough for use on the slope or winch.

Currently one of the nicest after war vintage glider that we carry, this model is a very accurate reproduction at 1:6 scale and comes in the white classic paint scheme.

It comes ready for radio gear installation. Ailerons, rudder, elevator and airbrake will control the plane. Fixed wheel is to be installed and help landing. Canopy tray comes to outfit canopy area to match full size interior and canopy with frame.

The flying behaviour is tender and very smooth, easy to thermal, and responsive for slope flying as well.

The kit is almost completely finished. The wings are sheeted foam wing covered with Oracover of the best quality and the ailerons are hinged and airbrakes installed.

Rudder and elevator are fiberglass/epoxy hollow moulded.

The clear plastic canopy and moulded frame will allow scale outfit, wing joiner system is installed in the fuselage and a steel rod is supplied as a wing joiner.

All what’s required is your radio gear. You will need 6 micro servos and a standard 6 channel receiver.

An extensive set of Vinyl decals and hardware package is completing the kit.

Super Blanik L 23, also available with FES installed (electric motor in the nose)


Scale: 1:6
Wing Span: 3.0 m (1189″)
Length: 1.44 m (57″)
Wing Area: 65 dm2 (1007 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 3/15
Wing Loading: 46 g/dm2 (15 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 3.0 kg (105 oz)
Radio: Standard radio.
Sub-micro servos for the wings.


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ICARE-ICARUS L23 Super Blanik (3.0m) ICARE-ICARUS L23 Super Blanik (3.0m) ICARE-ICARUS L23 Super Blanik (3.0m)

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