1. Beautiful well behaved scale flyer

  2. Yes, Piper cub yellow!!!
    And specially my kind of flying the piper Cub too.
    Work the rudder!!!
    Very nice, I loved it!

  3. The bigger they are the better they fly! Beautiful!!! My Cub is pretty small … it’s only 1/4 scale 🙂

  4. Perhaps one day soon I’ll get my 1/4 size up and learn to fly even 1/2 as good as you. Well Done, Thank You!!

  5. Sales alive that is a big cub! It flies well for its size, very well! I can’t build anything that big due to transportation needs. I would love to give it a shot though. It has plenty of power, but I think I would opt for a little bigger engine, just in case you needed it for an emergency.

  6. very nice love the large stuff

  7. Cub yellow depends on what year the plane was built.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s purple, a cub is a cub and they’re all great.

  8. The original color was Lock Haven yellow which has more of an orange tint to it. Due to a sourcing problem (I believe a fire at the dope source), a new supplier was needed and Cub yellow was the result. As stated above, the correct color depends on the year of manufacture.

  9. I have my Dad’s 1/4 scale cub copied from a flying farmer’s full size cub and the farmer said his cub was original. That colour (back in 1980) was said to be Lockhaven yellow which looks to me like it has a tinge of green in it. Just a hair different than what we call cub yellow today.

  10. I have a Cub that I built with a 5-6 foot wingspan and a 4-stroke 76 Saito engine. Great plane in the air but the ground characteristics are horrific. I’ve never had trouble with take offs till I made this plane. Your video gives me hope to try again.

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