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Splicing Balsa Sheeting — Video RC workshop Tips

Splicing  Balsa Sheeting — Video RC workshop Tips

Working with large models, it is often necessary to splice the balsa sheets together for items like wings and long fuselages. To produce strong slices in the balsa sheeting you have to make them at an angle to increase the glue surface so the sheet’s overall strength is not compromised. This workshop video tip by Sr. Tech. Editor Gerry Yarrish shows how to do it correctly.

All adhesives are from Zap Glue. The wing is from Gerry’s 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane built from a Balsa USA kit.


Venom Fly 600x120
Digital Downloads 600x120


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  1. Great tip! And well-documented videographically. I especially liked the presentation of the gluing process.

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