1/3.2-Scale Formidable Fighter

1/3.2-Scale Formidable Fighter

Mike Booth scratch-built this 1/3.2-scale Russian Yak-3 and notes that the 59.5-pound warbird uses a “mix of traditional materials and composite parts, i.e, cowling and canopy, carbon fiber fuselage doublers and a +/- 12G main spar joiner for the two piece wing.” The Yak is powered by a 3W 150cc inline twin motor spinning a 10-inch propeller. He adds, “She’s on rails and after ten years of flying my Spitfires I’m feeling that the full-size Yak could probably outmaneuver a MK9.” Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking this great video and sharing it with us. For more info on Mike’s models, visit supermarineworks.com.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:49 AM


  1. Awesome plane! Congratulations on a great plane!

  2. a 10″ propeler is that correct ?

    1. Hi, very happy that M.A.N listen this, thanks.
      It runs either 32×10 or 12. Prop.

  3. Beautiful model. I noticed that the pilot seems to be one of those ‘Bank and Yank’ flyers, The ‘Rudder’ doesn’t seem to be used much in a turn. I’d be more impressed if the pilots would use the Rudder to make a ‘Coordinated’ turn. Simulator practice is invaluable.

  4. Beautiful model. Shame the star markings are too small and the numbers are too thin. The spinner should probably also be white.

  5. Very nice job building and flight. Congratulations!

    I’d guess the 10″ was fat fingered and it should have read 20″

  6. A 10-inch propeller? I think not…

  7. Remembers me the Spitfire in some way.

  8. Beautiful model – somebody did their research. Great flyer – well flown. Wicked sound.

  9. great job looks awesome

  10. Very impressive from my end, altho I am puzzled about the 10″ propeller, is the the spinner diameter size or the pitch of the prop as it seems much larger to me??

  11. I want buy a model like this
    How I do?

  12. an beautiful model and very well flown. I have an request if anybody can help amm looking for the actual size and shape of all the wing ribs and tail ribs as well as the formers for the body of the BUD NOSEN P51 103 inch mustang, REGARDS HANS

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