A New Class of Racing from the USRA

A New Class of Racing from the USRA

The Unlimited Scale Racing Association (USRA) has developed a new racing class for the 2011 season.

Warbird Racing will be the newest class available to any racer wanting to experience the thrill of Giant Scale racing on the world’s largest course for RC racing. The rules and more information can be found at the USRA web site : usrainfo.org.

The rules are pretty simple and in a nut shell any ARF or Kit built plane with a wing span of 82″-96″ as well as a minimum square inch area of 1200″, and weighs a minimum of 16 lbs and up to 30 lbs. The engine choice can be any stock 45 cc engine up to a 65 cc with stock exhaust systems.

We hope these rules capture most all of the popular warbirds out there creating a safe and competitive class for all it’s competitors.

There is no list of “approved” planes. All planes must meet the specifications listed in the rules.

The 2011 season starts in Hearne, Texas on June 10-12.

Then it is off to Kansas at El Dorado on August 18-21.

Final race will be on the West Coast and is yet to be determined, but will be scheduled between October 13-23. and will be announced by mid April. Check the USRA web site for more information.

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  1. How did the Warbird Class Fare at Victorville?
    How many entrants?
    What seemed to be the engine of choice,Plane?

  2. Hi david,
    The Warbird Class did ok at the event, at first, there were about thirteen people set to race in that class, myself included. But for one reason or another many could not race that weekend, myself included. They ended up with, I believe 5 racers who really enjoyed that class. The only requirement is a 50cc-60cc stock Warbird. At this point, I don’t think there is a plane of choice, or an engine of choice (but I am not the expert on this matter).

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