An RC Jumbo Jet’s First Flight

An RC Jumbo Jet’s First Flight

Boing 747-400 pic 1An RC plane’s first flight is usually a nerve-racking experience, but what if you’re flying a 16-foot-span, four-turbine-powered scale airliner? Earlier this month in Oppingen, Germany, Adi Pitz’s 747-400 scale model took off with pilot Rainer Kamitz at the controls. The largest plane Adi has ever built, it has over 2,000 hours of work into it, so we can only imagine how nervous he was! The 747 is powered by four Hammer Engines turbines, each with a thrust of 14kg, and it’s controlled by Weatronic radio gear. The 131-pound giant has sequenced landing gear and is 17.8-feet long. Thanks to  YouTube’s Kingschneidi for sharing this great video of the 747’s first flight!


Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:06 AM


  1. I’m speechless, what a wonderful airplane and wonderful flight , can you believe the sound of those engines on take off and a perfect landing, just can’t say enough. Thanks for posting this Debra…

  2. Great achievement camera man must have celebrated early

  3. Beautiful aircraft…..would love to see it fly with a decent camera operator….had to turn the video off, it was shaking so bad. That being said, I salute the builder of that passenger jet. A work of art!!

  4. Quite an achievement! Who said there are no builders left?? Kudos to Adi and his team!

  5. Where is the button to forward this to all my friends? Please add. Thanks.

  6. Absolutely perfect, the scale, and the flying of this beauty!

  7. very nice aircraft but the camera person sux. lol

  8. Remarkable. Thanks for sharing this. From a grass field, no less! And yes, a steady videocam hand would have been very helpful.

  9. Fantantisch!

  10. What a wonderful job building and flying this aircraft. Almost like real. Great to have such enthusiastic people on earth to make their dreams come true. Thanks and regards from Switzerland.

  11. Amazing, it’s a shame that the cameraman has Parkingson LOL

  12. That is one BEAUTIFUL airplane . NICE JOB

  13. Unbelievable! What a great feat for a modeler, what a great flight. I showed my wife the ending of the video and said, “Look at the 747 landing in a field.” She said, “What happened? What kind of emergency is it?” I told her, “No emergency. It’s a model plane.” She was astounded, it looks so real whilst flying. Congratulations on a fabulous job.

  14. Awesome plane and excellent skills in flying it. At 131lbs what size engines did you use? I would speculate you need at least 75lbs of thrust between all four if not 100lbs.

  15. An amazing accomplishment!
    Too bad the camera guy was terrible. He could not follow the plane on the ground after it landed.
    But an amazing flight!

  16. Very cool, but next time, please put the camera on a tripod!

  17. WOW, that was awesome. The climb out was so realistic.

  18. Simply put, ” outstanding”!

  19. WOW! Thanks for sharing that. I am speechless at what you have achieved.

  20. totally astounded, beautiful, awesome

  21. That’s what’s so wonderful about this hobby, the sky is the limit if you can dream it, someone will build it. Beautiful job and fire the camera person.

  22. Talk about scale! 2000 hours building and well worth the effort. Congrats

  23. Awesome. Scale landings. On grass, no less. First time for camera person also. Practice will improve this. Great job to all.

  24. congrats! nice work and flight! and it was very good.

  25. They need to add some chemtrails to this thing, for conspiracy’s sake.

  26. Seriously, you can afford this RC but you cant find someone with a tripod and a camera to record the event and have some stable footage. This is damn near impossible to watch. And that is one cool RC.

  27. Great work, team! Including the camera work! And a Magnificent job of building this beautiful plane. Kudos to all!

  28. truly unbelievable

  29. When or do they have instrument readings on the controller? Speed, inclination and altitude?

  30. What a brilliant aircraft and flight, pity the cameraman has Parkinsons 😀

  31. Wonderful model. Please tell the cameraman I have a jumping castle themed wedding coming up. His style would be perfect.

  32. Great flight, however, someone get that camera person a tripod!

  33. Beautiful RC craft. The camera man needs to acquire image stabilization.


  35. Check out my HARRIER Project on FB, just put in my name and go to ‘photos’ I also have ‘2’ slideshows on YouTube, my HARRIER MODELS SLIDESHOW, let me know what you think, I’ll be waiting!

  36. that was brilliant a master piece the dedication to build that aircraft is first class the finish the detail what more can one say congrats to all

  37. One of the most beautiful rc jetliner ive seen…more than excellent passionated job…my repects and congrats..BEAUTIFUL…!!

  38. The amount of engineering to design, build, and prepare for safe reliable flight as well as expense for projects like this is hard to imagine. Cost must exceed the price of a new high end automobile. Just transporting, assembling, flying, storage and maintenance of a model like this must be a logistical challenge. Very humbling!! Congratulations to all involved.

  39. that impressive very impressive

  40. Wonder if sir Richard will buy these instead of the A380. What a brilliant feat of engineering,totally in aww of time and effort not to mention the dedication put into this.

  41. Dat is one class bird, and fair play to the builder and pilot. I take my hat off to you.

  42. Fabulous, my father was the Capt of the very first Virgin Atlantic flight…. I’m going to show him this x

  43. Fantastic, Boeing rules the sky !!
    Had a visit to the 747 plant in 1986.

  44. Mann da bekommt man Augenkrebs. Bisschen weniger zoomen oder eine ruhigere Hand wäre gut.

  45. Super piloting .. very realistic..

  46. That R/C 747 is absolutely amazing! The documentation of the flights are a bit jittery for me, but the plane is off the charts cool! Beautiful plane Adi Pitz, and great flying Rainer Kamitz. A wonderful “tip of the hat” to a legendary aircraft that has flown millions upon millions of folks around the world. Happy landings fellas……

  47. Lieber Adi
    Eben habe ich nun den Erstflug Deines gigantischen Jumbo 747/400 mit diesem Video bestaunt, pilotiert von einem Profi mit einer super Landung, ich gratuliere Dir auf Allerherzlichste. Ich hoffe diesen dann am Airliner-Treffen zu sehen.
    Noldi Meier CH Dietlikon

  48. He could maiden any plane of mine.. great flight and landing!!!

  49. Beautiful plane and flight, but if your going to put a video out there for people to see and enjoy, for God’s sake use a tripod. It’s like you have the DT’s. You’ll make people sea sick.

    Sorry, just need to be honest.

  50. Simply amazing!!! Congrats on a fantastic accomplishment!

  51. Wonderful achievement! And I looked it up… erstflug = first flight 🙂

  52. Absolutely FANTASTIC plane, congratulations to the builder, but, after all the money spent couldn’t they afford a professional videographer?

  53. Warning!!! Do not watch this video with a hangover…lol

  54. Looked and sounded so authentic, especially in the air.
    Sir Richard should invest in an even bigger one.

  55. I really want to own one of those rc jumbo jets

  56. How much does the plane cost

  57. how much is this damn thing

  58. how much it cost$$$

  59. mate i have no idea about rc planes been watching on youtube for a couple days how impressive the plane wow the design the build quality you must be so proud to be involved to take rc planes to this elite level to you and your team hats off brilliant

  60. Good Evening. We have enjoyed looking at your feature about the largest superscale boing 747 _400 rc Could you please tell us how much this model plane is to buy. thank you very much. Leonardo (grandson of Glynis)

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