Blue Max Scale Challenge — Highlights from the 9th Annual WW1 RC Fly In

Blue Max WW1 Fly In

Founded by Mike Celesky, John Olson and Ron Prestin, the Blue Max Scale Challenge and Fly In,  held this year on January 25 to 27 at Sanford Aero Modelers RC Club in Sanford, FL., is one of the events we look forward. Not just an RC model airplane event, this is a  successful gathering with a laid back atmosphere and great camaraderie. The weather was typically great and mother nature didn’t disappoint for 9th annual event. Our ace photo guy David Hart attended the event and took some amazing photos of all the vintage aerodrome action.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Blue Max  Scale Challenge — Highlights from the 9th Annual WW1 RC Fly InThe Blue Max  is an event for anyone that is interested in early aviation and the WW I airplanes that existed from 1903-1919. It’s a celebration of the pioneer aircraft and the World War 1 fighter and the pilots that flew them. It is a way for RC pilots and enthusiasts to get together and re-create this exciting moment in time. History is preserved through events like the Blue Max. There arn’t a lot of museums or airfields remaining where you can go and see WW I airplanes fly. In the not too distant future, WWI RC events like this may actually be our only link to the past and early aviation.

Here are just a few of David Hart’s photos from the Blue Max event


  1. Great models but I do wish people would actually check on details. The Niuport 17 there has TWO guns – in reality they only had one – the RFC used the ‘over the wing’ Lewis and no Vickers while the French used the Vickers with the interrupter gear and no Lewis.

    Minor details but they do stand out like a sore thumb (just as the ‘all red Fokker Dr1s’)

    1. Quoted by, a few individual Nieuport 17 aircraft had both guns!


      Guns, French service: 1 × synchronized Vickers machine gun
      Guns, British service: 1 × Lewis gun on Foster mounting on upper wing
      Rockets: 8 Le Prieur rockets
      Note: A few individual aircraft had both gunsQuoted by, a few individual aircraft had both guns!

  2. Gerry-
    Thank you again for your coverage of our Blue Max Event at Sanford Aeromodelers. We really enjoy hosting the event. We try to recreate a moment of our historical aviation past. It’s magazines like Model Airplane News and David Hart that make it possible!

  3. Great event!

  4. Excellent photos..I must make this event one of these years.

  5. Great event and great weather. Nice gallery of aircraft!! Dave Kreitz and other members of club were great hosts. Well worth the trip.


  6. Great shots and clarity.

  7. this is a super event for all ww 1 buffs. all who help make you feel special. lots of quality models,and great flying skills.if you go once, i promise you will be back many more times. a great job by all. my best walt moucha A.M.A # 117

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