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Coming Soon! WACO Model-SRE Construction Article

Coming Soon!  WACO Model-SRE Construction Article

From our good friend and long time MAN contributor Pat Tritle, this DIY construction project is for his WACO Model-SRE biplane.


Intended as a sport scale lightly loaded flier, the WACO has traditional built-up wood construction, and, Pat offers last cut parts and formed plastic parts are also available to make the build just a bit easier.

Waco modelE

The model is built to 1:10 scale with a top wing span of 41.5-inches. Construction is primarily of balsa in the old school stick frame style of construction. The wings are built up “egg-crate” style to simplify and speed the building process. The wingtips and tail section outlines are bowed over foam board forms to make for strong yet very light structures.


Power is provided by a Suppo 2212 Outrunner motor along with 6, sub-micro servos to run the elevator, rudder, ailerons and flaps, and a 1300 mah 2S Lipoly battery provides flight times in excess of 15 minutes. The wings are removable for ease of transport, and the battery and radio components are accessed through a simple hatch on the bottom of the fuselage.


The plans will soon be available at our www.airagestore.com website, and it will be featured in a future issue of MAN, so stay tuned for updates.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 11:34 AM
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