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Gigantic RC Avro Vulcan Delta Bomber

Gigantic RC Avro Vulcan Delta Bomber

When it comes to turbine powered RC jet aircraft there’s big, and then there BIG! This huge 1/5- scale Vulcan delta-wing jet bomber has a wingspan of just over 20 feet and it weighs around 300 pounds. Filmed at an IMA (Large Model Association) RC show at the Yorkshire Air Museum at RAF Elvington, Halifax Way, York, the impressive bomber was flown by David Johnson.

It took David and his team over three years to design and build the impressive Vulcan jet bomber. With over 100 sq. ft. of wing area , the huge bomber has a similar wing loading to a large glider but it is capable of flying up to 120mph.

Power come from four Jetsmunt 160 turbine engines producing a combined 155 pounds of thrust the Vulcan carries more than 44 pounds fuel to feed them. The three landing gear alone weigh in at 55.12 pounds.

The gentleman in the white shirt and black tie shown at the end of the video is none other than Martin Withers, the DFC who piloted Vulcan 607 on the famous Black Buck raid on Port Stanley during the Falkland Islands War of 1982!

The video was produced with five onboard Mobius HD video cameras.

Video courtesy of  Tbobborap1.

Updated: July 9, 2018 — 12:19 PM
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  1. great flying sequence, especially, the excellent camera view, fore & aft, and
    the touch & go, sequence, especially, a jet bomber, that the AVRO Vulcan was
    able to maneuver, through, out the flight. I do, have ( 1 ) question, was any
    one, onboard, airsick, from the round & round, flight pattern, that was, obvious,
    from the camera viewpoint. I was, lucky, as I had, an old paper, lunch bag, that
    has been in my family, since the days, of the COLD WAR, when men were war mongers,
    and women, waited, with patience, to comfort their, bedtime warriors. ” OH !
    honeybun, are you ready, to shoot the works, cause, I’m ready, for LOVE, not WAR !!

  2. I am sorpraised with the camera set and the model is incredible, congratulations to the constructor

  3. Thunderball! That was impressive. Nicely flown from ground handling, to take-off, touch-and-go, holding the nose off on landing, to the taxi guided by the valet!

    Once again ‘Tbob’ does an excellent job with the video documentary. How does he manage to always get the blue skies and artsy cloud formations to co-operate?

    Just an aside, one of these (Vulcans) crashed across the street from my Gramma Brock’s house in Detroit during the 50’s. I’ve always had a soft spot for these Avro’s

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