Jazz up your scale models!

Jazz up your scale models!

Subtle weathering really adds that “extra pop” to a scale model. Highlighting panel lines, grease streaks, all the little things that show up on a full scale aircraft can be reproduced on a model with various techniques. Just be careful not to over do it and know your subject, for example, the Blue Angels jets are washed and waxed daily before every performance so many highly maintained aircraft won’t show much weathering as a tactical aircraft on an aircraft carrier subjected to salt spray daily.

Here’s a video that shows some great weathering techniques on a foam jet that can be applied to a variety of models. Enjoy!


Updated: December 1, 2022 — 1:06 PM


  1. What is the best prep for painting a styrofoam aircraft? I’ve used water based poly to seal the aircraft to prevent field soil from staining the aircraft. I’ve noted some areas still have mould release from the manufacturing process. What is the best wash to remove mould release wax before painting or sealing the aircraft? Care must be taken to not use a oil based sealant because it will break the foam down.

  2. The number one issue I see when folks attempt to weather (mainly folks without much experience) their aircraft is overdoing it on the panel lines. I’ve seen some panel lines so stark and black it just ruins the model. In weathering, “less is more”. A great way to learn highly scaled techniques is to watch those YouTube videos of guys who weather their small-scale plastic models. I’ve discovered some incredible methods and the final results often look museum-quality.

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