1. Fantastic bargain. I want one. Anything below $100 that flies is a bargain. Idiot for flying in his back yard.

  2. To be fair, yes, this demo flight was done with a well-trimmed plane, and flown by an experienced pilot, and this excellent performance would not be obtained by a novice pilot. But the fact that a new and actually airworthy RC airplane, transmitter, and the sophisticated avionics inside the airplane can be had for 40 bucks is amazing!

  3. This looks like one |I had a couple years ago and flew in a big dome. When trimmed it flew well but throttled back it did not have good differential thrust steering. A nice-looking plane.

  4. I 100% disagree and I loved mine, I got tons of flights and found it very controllable with good range and good flight times – mine got crushed on a shelf through no fault of the model, a mate of mine who flies for a living is still flying his which he flies with his son. Very good value and lots of fun for the price, if you are expecting an E-Flite quality park flyer you will be disappointed but its less than $50 you can’t complain publicly about wasting money and they are solid and simple.

  5. Kind of a lame place to fly.Close to a forest of big trees. DUH!

  6. I have one of these and it flies great out at the local soccer/baseball field where I actually have space to fly it. Since you can only control elevation with the throttle you must realize you’re going to lose some differential thrust steering when you throttle down to descend.
    I agree that putting it into high rate mode is the best mode for steering.
    Its $40 and it flies great when you get to know its limitations.

  7. This plane was available at Banggood (China) for $27 not long ago. It does fly, My biggest disappointment was that you must glue the jet pods onto the wing – and I got three left side pods and one right side pod – so it was a mess appearance-wise. I think it was worth what I paid and it does fly.

  8. 4 NTSB instances of large aircraft losing all controll except for engines and having saved the airplane caught my eye on this one. Forgive me but lose the draggy engine nacels carefully move the battery forward aganst the bulk head and don’t permanently glue the base of the tail and you have the COOLEST park slope flier ever! I love the C-17 and the wing on this model is perfect. Pay attention to the box. The whole airplane will fit in the box. The power leads on the wing engines are long enough to pack without disconnecting anything just don’t glue the base of the tail. Besides the tail popping off on hard landings saves breakage. The duel throttle is especially cool when coming in and taxing to your spot. Happy Flying! STEM

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