O. S. GT55 Gas Engine with Electronic Ignition

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O. S. GT55 Gas Engine with Electronic Ignition

The O. S. GT55 Gas Engine with Electronic Ignition is a real first for the O. S. Engine line.  With a reputation for producing quality engines at an affordable price, O. S. takes the market by storm with the introduction of their first gas engine.  Similar in appearance to other O. S. 2-cycle engines, the GT55 Gas Engine features a large number of extra-deep and thin cooling fins on the crankcase and head.  A unique one-piece crankcase design eliminates gaskets and enhances strength and precision.  Another performance benefit is the IG-01 Capacitive Discharge Ignition.  Developed from specific O. S. technology, the IG-01 uses a microcomputer, programmed for optimum spark advance.  Magnetic sensors on the crankcase and prop drive detect ignition timing.  The IG-01 also detects and compensates for wet plugs – ensuring quick starts.  Designed to accept a wide range of input voltages, the IG-01 requires minimal current in stand-by mode and features a low-voltage warning (intermittent engine operation).  The front-mounted carb provides better cooling for more consistent engine runs and high performance, very simple, direct installation of the throttle and choke linkages and it requires shorter stand-offs, resulting in more secure installation and less vibration overall.


  • A front-induction, rotary-valve crankshaft ensures that the valve is opened and closed for optimum timing.
  • No oil seal is required, eliminating rpm loss due to additional friction.
  • Massive front and rear bearings for longer life and maximum power output.
  • A thin, high-performance piston ring and high-strength aluminum alloy piston for reduced break-in and high compression from the very first run.



Displacement:  54.93cc

Bore: 41.2mm

Stroke: 41.2mm

Practical RPM: 1,500-8,000

Updated: December 18, 2009 — 10:00 AM
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